DEIB Approach

Building inclusive spaces

My commitment to DEIB finds root not only in my work experience across multiple sectors but in my lived experience as a racialized LGBTQ2+ person with a disability.

I work to ensure that DEIB is not an optional part of an organization’s work, but a non-negotiable, animating force behind every decision and initiative.

  • My DEIB work is intersectional and international, focusing on building strategies through global consultations and collaboration and not by simply implementing a North American approach worldwide.
  • My DEIB work is high care, intentional and human-centred, deeply rooted in a commitment to individual and systemic reforms.
  • My DEIB work is action- and results-oriented, focusing on strategic development, accountability and leadership designed around five core pillars with internal (employee) and external (public) dimensions:

→ Research and learning
→ Building inclusive talent and business systems and processes
→ Change management and systems building to embed DEIB best practices
→ Creating communities
→ Communications and transformative storytelling